Too many projects, not enough time

If anyone had told me a year ago that I’d have written so little during a time when everything seemed to come to an end, I’d have laughed. I thought if I had a year to write, I’d come up with all kinds of stuff. I always pictured myself getting some kind of year-long fellowship somewhere in the snow where I wouldn’t come out because it was too damn cold. And at the end of the fellowship, I’d fall out of my little mountain cabin with a thousand page book clutched in my crippled hands.

But no, that’s not how it went. Somehow, even though the days dragged by as if they were in slow motion, I didn’t do nearly what I thought I would do if the world stopped for a year. Frankly, I kind of felt like I was trapped in the movie Groundhog Day, where every day was the same. Wake up, make breakfast, work, make lunch, work, make dinner, work, watch TV all night long.

Oh, there were certainly some interesting moments. I edited six dissertations, three books, and taught a community ed class at Santa Fe College. I home-schooled my grandkids for two months. I helped my husband recover from his mild stroke and alas, took over the cooking chores he used to love. We both caught the covid virus and spent weeks in bed. Thanks to that momentous occasion, I learned to use Publix instacart :). And I adopted two husky mix pups who are now six-month-old out-of-control fifty pound dogs with endless energy and adorable faces.

To be fair, I did get a lot done this year. I wrote four new stories. I finished a screenplay and entered it into a contest. I started a new novel, and started a second screenplay.

But somehow I thought, with everything sort of on hold, I would write a lot more than I actually did. There’s really no excuse. Put down the phone, close the Facebook page, turn off the latest episode of Brothers and Sisters and get going.

Today is my birthday. Today is a good day to dedicate myself to the novel and the screenplay I should have finished this year. This time next year, I hope I won’t be quoting that old line about the road to hell. Yes, folks, today my intentions are good!

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