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Bear Trapped: Blowback

The only good thing about this stupid pandemic (or panda-menic as my little sister describes it 🙂 ) is that I finally finished one of my books. I’m working on three more and a screenplay. But this second book in my mystery series was reviewed by some very wonderful friends who found mistakes I could NOT believe I’d missed.  Folks, if you’re a writer, even if you think you’re the best editor in the world, do NOT edit your own work. You will miss stupid mistakes and look like an idiot.

My beta readers were so specific and did such a wonderful job.  The story of this series is rather strange. I originally wrote a number of different mystery stories with various main characters. Then it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to create one character (slightly damaged of course) that could lead to a resolution in all the stories.  So I created Bear, who is smart, funny, and has some major issues. But he’s basically a good guy. And a little conservative as opposed to his hippy sister who has few boundaries.

I originally set my first Bear book in Los Angeles because – why not? So many books are set in L.A. Where I have never been… Duh. A friend of mine, Joan Carter, pointed out so many mistakes in my L.A. book (she lived there), that I realized I had to find a reason to move Bear to my home state of Florida because I couldn’t keep writing about Los Angeles unless I planned to spend a lot of time there. And, as someone who is not overly fond of big cities, I realized that would never happen.

So now, the big city cop has retired at an early age and moved to Florida where he thinks he’ll be able to live peaceably and relax. Maybe learn to fish. Maybe buy a boat. But no, there will be lots of things happening in Florida that will keep him busy. One of my favorite TV shows is the show The Glades, which is about a Chicago cop who moves to the Everglades and joins the state police. I read some of the reviews and some people said the characters were not always realistic – that they were too crazy. I will presume that these people have never been in Florida if they think the show is unrealistic.

Anyway, I’m so glad it’s done. Now all I have to do is finish my latest book of poems, rewrite some of the short stories in my book of short stories, finish my literary novel and my novel on catfishing, and I’ll be caught up. No problem.  I’m going to start working on those books real soon, right after I catch up on the latest episodes of Grace and Frankie, Space Force, Hollywood, etc. etc. etc…. Welcome to the world of the panda-menic.

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